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This page provides links to presentations given at MHE -SIG meetings and other sites that may have been referred to in presentations.
Relevant information from other members are also included on this page.

Hardware Meeting 8th October 2017

LEDs ,OLEDS, - Ken Holmes

QLEDS - Ken Holmes

Note these files are self running . Just D/L and Click to run

Hardware Meeting 12th May 2017

Managing a Web Site with cPanel- Kelvin Cording

Hardware Meeting 5th May 2017

4K UHD Dvd - John Hall

Ultra HD Blue-ray Disc - Update - Kelvin Cording

Hardware Meeting 11th November 2016

IP Innovation and Manufacturing - Shenzen - Kelvin Cording

Hardware Meeting 4th November 2016

Capturing HDMI to PC - John Hall

Meeting 5th August 2016

Tale of two Kodi Boxes - Ken Brain

Hardware Meeting 13th May 2016

5G and IoT - Kelvin Cording

Hardware Meeting 11 March 2016

Building a 3D Printer- Kelvin Cording

Meeting 4th March 2016

Making AVCHD Disk with Menus- John Hall

Hardware Meeting 12 Feburary 2016

PC Need For Speed in the Fast Lane - Ron Wright

Selecting a New Computer - George Skarbek

Meeting 5th February 2016

Burning Home Videos - Bill Dair

Hardware Meeting 11th December 2015

What Is 3D Printing - Kelvin Cording

Meeting 4th December 2015

Video Stabilasation - John Hall

Hardware Meeting 13 November 2015

Introduction to UHD Blu-ray Discs - kelvin Cording

Meeting 6th November 2015

UHD (4K) Video Streaming - John Hall

(and) Media Player GSG

NE Android SIG 19th August 2015

Care of Lithium ion Batteries Dale Gardner-Berry

Hardware Meeting 14th August 2015

USB Type C - Kelvin Cording

Meeting 3rd July 2015

Video Files - Storage and Playback - Managing Chapters -

                                                            Kelvin Cording

Hardware Meeting 12th June 2015

Medion_Win 10 Booting- Dave Botherway

Meeting 5th June 2015

HEVC Encoding /Decoding - Kelvin Cording

How to Download and Install Classic Shell- Trevor Hudson

Hardware Meeting 8th May 2015

Introduction to Overclocking    Kelvin Cording

Hardware Meeting 13th Feb 2015

Building a Performance PC - Part 2 Kelvin Cording

Meeting 6th February 2015

Matroska (MKV) Files - Kelvin Cording


Hardware Meeting 12th December 2014

Building a Performance PC Part 1 - Kelvin Cording

Meeting 5th December 2015

Super Zoom- John Hall

Hardware Meeting 14th November 2014

Intel - State of Play 4Q 2014   -   Kelvin Cording

Hardware Meeting 10 October 2014

IP Addresses  -  Bill Dair

Netgear X6 802.11AC     -      Kelvin Cording

Meeting 3rd October 2014

ASUS ChromeBox - John Hall

Meeting 5th September 2014

A Sound Connection - Kelvin Cording

** Go to the Useful Sites tab to find details about sound      conversion tools. **

Hardware Meeting 8th August 2014

Chromecast/Measy Miracast - Dave Botherway

Meeting 1st August 2014 (Happy 4th birthday)

Sound John Hall - Kelvin Cording

Also see Useful Sites Tab above to download sample sound files

Meeting 4th July 2014

New Trends in Home Entertainment - Kelvin Cording

Meeting 2nd April 2014

DVD to Harddrive - Kelvin Cording

Meeting 4th April 2014

Smart Media Player - Kelvin Cording

Meeting 7th Feburary 2014

Video Compression and Codecs -Update Kelvin Cording

Hardware Meeting 13th December

Kill Bing - George Skarbek

Meeting 6th December 2013

Panasonic PVR - Rod Jones

Note: This is a large file (about 17M) and may take some time to show up in your browser window - depending on your internet connection speed.

Hardware Meeting 8th November 2013

Virtual Computer - Paul Woolard

Meeting October 4th 2013

3D TV Where To Next - John Hall

Ripper Meeting 13th September 2013

Haswell In The Flesh. - David King


Meeting 6th September 2013    Rohan

Telstra T-Box    Telstra - Rohan Lee

Ripper Hardware Meeting 14th June

Project PC 2013 - David King

Meeting 7th June 2013

Wi-Fi Connecting Without Wires - Kelvin Cording


This PDF file includes embedded video files and is approx 33Mb and takes a few minutes to D/L depending on internet speed.

Ripper Hardware Meeting 10th May

Fourth Generation Core Processors Haswell- Kelvin Cording

Meeting 3rd May 2013

Now to Run Win 8 on Ee-pc John Hall

Winch Launch - George Skarbek

Raspberry PI SIG Meeting 26th April 2013

Introduction to Linux - David Hatton


Meeting 1st Feb 2013

Raspberry Pi Media Centre - John Hall

Note: This file is Approx 73M and may take a while to download

Meeting 2nd November 2012

Windows 8 Multimedia John Hall

Meeting 5th October 2012

Building your Own NAS Box - Part 2

- Managing The Data    Kelvin Cording

Meeting 14th September 2012 (Ripper Hardware)

New PC Build      John Hall's Super New Machine


Meeting 10th August 2012 (Ripper Hardware)

RAM Drives    George Skarbek

Additional Notes David King

Meeting 3rd August 2012

Media Servers           Kelvin Cording

Meeting 13th July 2012 (Ripper Hardware)

Building Your Own NAS Box - Part 1 Getting Started. Kelvin Cording

Meeting 3rd February 2012:

Download a free trial version of J-River Media Center as described by Graham Acland

Meeting 7th October/4th November 2011:

MP3 Tags and Playlists - (Parts 1 & 2) - John Hall

Meeting 2nd September 2011:

A Quick Introduction to Android - Kelvin Cording

Meeting 5th August 2011:

IPTV and Internet TV -John Hall

Note: The Videos referenced in John's presentation may take several minute to download depending on your internet connection speed.

Meeting 1st July 2011:

Streaming Media Presentation by Kelvin Cording

Meeting 3rd June 2011:   

Introduction to Blu-Ray DVD - Presentation by Kelvin Cording

Meeting 6th May 2011:

Topfield - PVR - Bill Dair's presentation.

IPTV TV Sets -     Presentation from John Hall.

IPTV Computers - Kelvin Cording's presentation.

Meeting 1st April 2011 :

TIVO -PVR - More about TIVO from Paul Woolard's presentation.

TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 - Part 2 of Kelvin Cording's presesentation.

Meeting 3rd March 2011:

TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works - Part 1 of  Kelvin Cording's presentation. (part 2 next month)

Video Formats    Presentation From John Hall

HD STB with PVR Review   Brian Robson and Neil Muller

Meeting 4th Febuary 2011:

Copying a DVD to Harddrive - Ivor Hutchenson's presentation.

Meeting 3rd December: 2010

My DVD won't play - John Hall's presentation on writing DVD,s that play correctly.

What's that Acronym - Paul Woolard's list of useful acronyms.

Meeting 5th November : 2010

Audio Formats - Frank Maher's presentation on formats for audio files.

Video Compression and Codecs The presentation by Kelvin Cording on Video Compreesion and Codecs.

Meeting 1st October : 2010

CatchupTV4 -   Removed by request

Meeting 3rd September : 2010


Show and Tell -  Kaiser Bass WI-Fi Media Player See Details

                        Order Form for special discount

About Mezzmo "The ultimate DLNA home entertainment software"

                   Volume Discounts for 5 or more copies of Mezzmo

Meeting 6th August : 2010

Home Entertainment Systems- John Hall, Dave Botherway, Kelvin Cording.

Noontec Media player- Terry Kemp

Home Entertainment System - Colin Martin




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